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Research carried out by Censis and the Italian accreditation body Accredia into the state of food safety in Italy revealed thousands of controls for even the most exacting consumers concerned about the healthiness of what they eat. Interviews were performed on a sample of 1,300 people throughout the peninsula, confirming that Italians are always on high alert when it comes to the safety and certification of food products, pushing public entities and companies for the same.
Every year in Italy an average of 2 million tests are performed on food, there are over 600,000 inspections, more than 200,000 analyses from branches of the Ministry of Health, and more than 30,000 quality controls from that of Agriculture. 71% of those interviewed claimed that safety was fundamental, 70% said they read labels “frequently”, paying close attention to DOP and IGP indications. The level of information was shown not to be limited to what is on the shelf, with 40% following food safety news and 24% exercising targeted shopping with particular focus on buying safe products.

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