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Parliament Raises Biofuel Limit

Oxfam Italy and ActionAid have defined the results of the EU Parliament’s September 11, 2013 vote on the legislative package known as Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC), which contains new norms on biofuels, a “missed opportunity”. The European Commission had proposed to limit the contribution of first generation biofuel, derived from agricultural or clean energy production, to 5% after reaching renewable objectives in the transport sector.

During the deliberation, the Strasbourg plenary session raised the ceiling to 6% by a clear majority. ActionAid and Oxfam Italy explained that the outcome means “earmarking enough agricultural products to feed 200 million people to the production of biofuels.” In this way, the NGOs said, “no effective solution is offered to counterbalance the negative consequences” that biofuels “inflict on the security of food supply and the environment.”

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