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No Egg or Lactose Either

Lots of fiber and nutrients, free of gluten and lactose. This is the identikit of the new sliced bread from DS – Dr. Schär, a significant addition to the already vast line of gluten-free bakery products known as “BuoniCereali”.

The flour used comes from a base of rice and chestnuts, with sunflower and flax seeds as complimentary ingredients. Dr. Schär sliced bread is also rich in calcium and folic acid, but the most defining characteristic is that in addition to being free of gluten, it also contains no lactose, egg or artificial colors and preservatives. This seemingly impossible mix is the result of creativity and innovation aimed at a growing number of consumers focused on health, or that have special dietary needs.

Ideal for making sandwiched and accompanying larger meals, the product is certified “Qualtiy by Schär”. Dr. Schär is a world leader with over thirty years of experience in the production of food products for people with Celiac disease.

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