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New Yoghobar Open for Business

Danone has its sights set on yoghurt shops, or Yoghobar, taking advantage the increasing trend of yoghurt as a snack in big cities from Milan to New York. If it is Greek yoghurt feeding the mania across the pond, in Italy the French food multinational is looking to anticipate changing consumption patterns by opening a new point-of-sale in Italy’s capital of fashion and design. Thus, in an attempt to go beyond supermarkets, Danone has opened its third Yoghobar after those in Rome and Vimercate (a Milanese suburb). It has also confirmed collaboration with Juicebar, a national refreshments chain that has set itself apart from traditional sales channels through the concept of “fresh and ready” products. All of this demonstrates the interest shown by Italian consumers for fresher and healthier food on the run, in marked contrast to the fast-food model. Breakfast, lunch or snacks can now be enjoyed without giving up on the genuineness of the foods.

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