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More Choices for Coeliacs

Coeliac disease is a life-long auto-immune condition in which the intake of gluten is toxic to sufferers of this disease. An estimated 5 million people in Europe have been diagnosed as coeliacs. At present the only known treatment is dietary, involving the total exclusion of any food with gluten throughout one’s entire life. Avoiding gluten can be difficult and can lead to an unbalanced diet, for example a starchy diet may bring with it lack of iron, vitamins and fiber. That’s why valid substitues need to be available for daily consumption. Such products restore the nutritional properties of cereal-based foods, and add to gaining a complete, safe level of nutrition, while reducing the temptation for coeliacs to turn to food that is dangerous for them. A gluten-free diet can now provide just as much flavour and variety as its traditional counterpart.

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