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Italian Espresso Among Top Features

Not just beer, and not only tea. London in recent years has also discovered a passion for coffee. Almost 12,000 people are expected from April 25 to 28 at the London Coffee Festival, the culminating event of Coffee Week currently in progress in Britain’s capital. From live music and exhibits to workshops, the event is devoted to the know-how involved in the craft of coffee and the cappuccino. This course leads naturally to the prominence Italian tradition of espresso. Cimbali, with more than 100 years of experience in the production of espresso machines, will bring models ranging from the 1930s to the present across the Channel from its academy in Milan. Among other representatives of Italian excellence, La Marzocco, another celebrated Italian espresso machine producer, with Bonomi and Pascucci, which together will participate with their coffee blends in the True Artisan Café section of the festival where the finest barista in London will delight visitors with their coffee and cappuccinos. For more information visit the official site of the London Coffee Festival.

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