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Keeping informed as comprehensively as possible on the events focusing on Italian food and beverage products, specialties, and their performance in the world, as well as on the perception that people around the globe have and the credibility associated to these products is without doubt a decisive factor in organising and adapting commercial strategies for producers.
The list of events and shows dedicated to the Italian food and beverage sector scheduled for Italy and the rest of the world form an important foundation for business activities and it is a good idea to keep track of them in order to study their programs, or attend them if you wish to do so. These events offer an incredible array of ideas and best practices to organise the strategy that is correct for your organisation inside this framework.
With GIFT, Italian food, beverage, and agriculture, above all that offering guaranteed quality, finally has a partner which shares in its passion and pledges to contribute, through the posting of news and information on food and beverage events, to a new and innovative way of bringing Italy’s finest to the world.

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