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GS1 Global Standards, In Italy and Beyond

GS1 global standards are adopted at the global level, with the barcode as a prime example. GS1 Italy – Indicod-Ecr is an association that gathers 35,000 industrial and distribution enterprises operating in mass market goods. GS1 also operates in electronic communications between companies (B2B), and in new radiofrequency labelling technology.

The objective of the association is to permit businesses to work more efficiently and with lower costs. To do this there needs to be common languages and standards that allow for real time information exchange, with merchandize interacting all throughout the production and distribution cycle to the final consumer. Product traceability, the most important aspect in terms of safety and added quality value, is more effective due to this flux of data.

GS1 Italy represents:

– The international body that coordinates the spread and correct implementation of GS1 standards, the most widespread system to develop technical instruments supporting global commerce.

– ECR Europe, which controls the disclosure of techniques and integration patterns between industry and distribution, and consumers.

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