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GS1 Barcode Genrator for Electronic Information Exchange

The GS1 barcode generator provides the most widely recognized standard at the global level for exchanging information between merchandise, companies and consumers. The barcode is like an identification card for products that allows them to deliver fundamental information automatically across all of the phases of the distribution chain, from packaging to logistics and storing. The system is used in more than 110 countries that span the globe.

It is an open regime that is accessible to small and medium sized enterprises, as well as their larger counterparts, granting them the ability to compete worldwide through faster operations, online information exchange, and more efficient logistical activities.

In addition to the barcode generator, GS1 offers the following services:

Electronic Commerce – EDI communication for companies that produce in the mass market with fast, automatic data exchange that is free of errors.

Catalogue Synchronization – GS1 GDSN guarantees the alignment of item details between producers and distributors.

Electronic Labelling – GS1 EPCglobal combines radio frequency technology with the Electric Product Code (EPC) to allow for traceability along each product’s path to sale.

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