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One of the most significant outcomes of the Tuttofood trade show held in Milan from May 19 to 22 2013 were the results of the survey carried out by CSQA food certifications and B2B magazine specialised in the sustainable economy GreenBusiness. The questionnaire applied to a sample of 36 businesses highlighted widespread interest in the primary issues of sustainability. 58% of those interviewed stated that being sustainable stimulates a culture of innovation, and 56% declared that they use “green” product claims or intend to adopt them shortly. 94% of participating companies stressed that their increased focus on sustainability stems from increasing consumer demand. On the environmental front there was a lot of attention on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint, while for social responsibility the most emphasis was placed on safety in the workplace, in addition to health and nutrition issues raised by specific clusters of consumers.

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