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Calvisius caviar, one of the finest examples of Italian food excellence, was the protagonist of a recent evening event in Milan. The prestigious occasion took place to introduce three “extra-luxury” products from Agroittica Lombarda, the unquestioned leader in the production of caviar, as well as sustainability, as a certificate from ‘Friends of the Sea’ attests.

The varieties of Calvisius presented belong to the same number of sturgeon species – Beluga, Imperial Oscietra and Tradition Elite – raised at an innovative facility at the global level in terms of product quality and respect for the environment.

Agroittica is a perfect example of ecological aquaculture. The pools are fed from water used for cooling at local steelworks. The fish are processed at a forefront plant where they are filleted, cut into carpaccio, naturally smoked, and then packaged in a sterile environment to enhance conservation and dispatching. The high technological and hygiene standards are integrated completely with the mastery of extracting the minute precious black pearls of Italian caviar.

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