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The evolution of science continues to show that natural products derived from medicinal plants can be a valid alternative to the traditional chemist’s shop. However, head of Assoerbe, Valentino Mercati, notes that “one of the most evident stretches is that ‘natural’ products are brought back to directives governing traditional drugs, which in contrast to European legislation on homeostasis which defines anything capable of significantly altering human physiological functioning as a drug.”
The danger is placing natural substances together with “ those available at the chemist’s, without any pre-clinic proof of the biological substance used, putting people’s health at risk, as well as lose the health and therapeutic tools necessary to a modern healthcare system,” he continued.
The only visible result would be “blocking research in this field, with a clear advantage to for those other emerging health and therapy sectors,” Mercati concluded. “This is a distortion of the market which can’t be accepted passively.”

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