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Common Policy Changes

The objectives set in place by Paolo De Castro, head of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Commission, regarding the contents of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) are clear: no nominal cuts to resources, reduce the weight of bureaucracy on companies operating in the agricultural sector and make “greening” instruments easy to apply.
In reference to the changes to CAP, De Castro said “the months which stretch from now until the end of the legislature mark a key moment, not only for the answers that the Common Agricultural Policy will be able to provide to Europe’s citizens and farmers, but also regarding the very possibility of bringing the negotiations to a conclusion within the scheduled timeframe.”
Mr. De Castro also pointed out some of the new items unveiled by the European Parliament: “There will be a strengthening of inspections against usurpation, imitation and evocation. There will also be the introduction of the so-called “area labels”, as well as a simple procedure for products with the STG quality certification to substitute registered denominations without the stipulation of names. Finally, a new regime of discretionary instructions for labels, including agricultural goods from mountainous areas, will be introduced.” 

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