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Collaborative Transportation

The name of the sustainable logistics programme created by recyclable packaging producer Chep is called Collaborative Transportation. The idea is simple and revolutionary: recover pallets after every delivery to retailers to make sure that the trucks employed are always full, eliminating entirely empty trips. This solution for the company operating in the consumer goods, fruit and vegetable and automobile sector has reduced transport costs, as well as cut carbon emissions significantly. In 2012, Collaborative Transportation saved the environment some 2,340 metric tons, the equivalent of the electricity used by 350 homes in a year. Chep is aiming at widening collaboration with companies, too. Last year there were 50 participants in the sustainable logistics system, including Spain’s main cheese producer, Capsa, Italy’s Sanpellegrino and the distribution group Carrefour. Chep has been renting containers since 1954, is present in 49 countries and operates in primary sectors such as large-scale distribution, manufacturing, the automotive and aerospace industries, fresh produce and chemicals.

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