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Benefits of Nature

Scientific research demonstrates that biological substances, due to the properties extracted from medicinal plants, can cover modern health needs both in terms of well-being and therapy.
In light of this knowledge “it is no longer possible to speak of medicinal plants intending a single category having the same properties and functions, but it is necessary to consider a heterogeneous variety of substances which, alone or mixed, are capable of performing diverse physiological, pharmacological, immunological, and metabolic tasks,” stated head of Assoerbe, Valentino Mercati. “The properties of medicinal plants taken as stereotypical past uses connected to the definition of a particular drug doesn’t make sense anymore. They are seen as products that are difficult to classify, rather than a modern source that is innovative, and potentially limitless,” he continued.
The lack of complete knowledge “of what medicinal plants are, the many properties they provide, and the immense resource they are for the future,” he concluded, “is clearly highlighted in the statements expressed during recent meetings.”

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