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Growth as opposed to cow milk

Growth milk or just cow milk? Many parents’ dilemma meets varied opinions on giving the child different milk types, stressing each one’s specific properties.

The term “growth milk” means food on cow milk basis, often lacking a greater or smaller part of its fat content, but enriched in minerals and vitamins. It is also called “follow-up” to indicate its continuing of breast feeding, irreplaceable food source for babies at least until weaning, as WHO asserted in 2013. The World Health Organisation spoke out, considering the unproven need for the various follow up formula types on the market.

But at the end of this period, some pediatricians expressly advise growth milk, a specific childhood product, due to its artificial vitamin and mineral enrichment, but also as they tend to see excessive lipid and protein pace in cow milk – while others insist on the goodness of “central” milks, initially diluted with water and then consumed in full, especially in the partially skimmed format.

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