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Gnocchi Recipes, Exploring the Sauce

Gnocchi recipes are an optimal way to celebrate Italian cuisine and arouse the palate. There are a number of preparations for gnocchi, sauce is perhaps the best way to accent them through using ingredients from the traditional (tomato, olive oil and cheese) to the innovative (spinach, pumpkin or truffle). Potato gnocchi used in practically any recipe you can dream up.

The first ingredient in gnocchi recipes is of course the “gnocco” – small potato and flour dumplings that can vary in size, often with creases to help hold their condiments. They cook just like other types of fresh pasta in boiling water with a little salt. This Italian delicacy changes across the peninsula – baked with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese in Campania, or with butter and herbs in the northern mountains.

To break with tradition, potato gnocchi recipes stretch to include those with nero di seppia (squid ink), chicche (of a smaller dimension) with mixed mushrooms, or more delicate masterworks with cream and frutti di mare (shellfish). Don’t forget the classic pomodoro e basilico, or pesto for any occasion!

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