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Italian gelato, recipe for satisfaction

Italian gelato is the product of three very distinct manufacturing processes: industrial, partially handcrafted and 100% handmade. Just about any Italian is able to distinguish which recipe of gelato has been followed merely by tasting it. It is a passion worth some 2 billion euros in domestic consumption alone.

The absolute best in Italian gelato of course is entirely made by hand, and strictly adheres to the most traditional precepts. The choice of ingredients privileges fresh products that utilize local, or nearby harvests. The selfsame base components – milk, eggs and fruit – accompanied by semi-finished elements allows for the creation of other high quality gelatos. The range ends with industrially produced items that are more widely available, but of lower virtue, both in terms of taste and nutrition.

The painstaking artisan work behind Italian gelato is characterized by the whipping process, known as the mantecatura in Italian, allowing for freezing and blending the mixture with up to 40% air. This percentage grows in mass-market output, with volume increasing by 150%, obviously with a drastic reduction in nutritional value and flavor.

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