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Organic fruit juice, passion for Italian flavours

Organic fruit juice, an excellent tonic for daily wellbeing. Delicious Italian fruit juice perfectly expresses the flavour of the land of its production, delivering a different sensory experience depending on the fruit-growing area. It is the product of the unique marriage of technology and tradition employed by Italian growers, leaders in Europe for their organic farming techniques respecting both the environment and people’s health.

Usually produced with no added sugar or any other non-natural ingredient, organic fruit juice is based on a fundamental idea of respect for nature, of a relationship that does not plunder or damage natural resources, in particular soil and water. The care taken with the trees is the result of ongoing studies and updates, allowing the use of only substances of organic origin, the development of integrated pest management, and of course, producing juicy, tasty organic fruits.

Along with the vegetable versions, it is one of our body’s best sources of vitamins and minerals. That of apple alone, for example, ensures a high intake of vitamin A, B, C, sodium, and potassium. To be environmentally friendly, to be healthy, or simply to enjoy the taste, organic fruit juice made in Italy is the top choice.

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