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From Puglia with Passion Since 1967

Granoro is synonymous with quality and genuineness. This 100% Italian pasta producer is one of the most important companies in Puglia, land of sun and tradition. On May 10, 2013 it celebrated the 100th birthday of its founder who has dedicated his life to the production of high quality pasta. Attilio Mastromauro is one of the Italian pasta industry’s pioneers, with a passionate story. He immigrated to New York in 1921 when he was a child, but decided to return to Italy when he had just become an adult. His decision to go back to the small town of Corato, Puglia, was an important step and he immediately started work at the family company. Under his management the factory grew and became Granoro, created and led with the help of his two children, as well as an “enlarged family” of loyal colleagues. Granoro pasta over the years has known how to find good positioning from local country shops to immense hypermarkets. Today, under the leadership of daughters Marina and Daniela, Granoro has become Italy’s fifth largest pasta producer, bringing its products to tables in Canada, South America, Australia, China and Japan.

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