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Fried artichokes

Fried artichokes, a favourite among recipes

Making fried artichokes should be easy enough, but according to renowned Italian writer and gourmet Artusi only in Tuscany are there simple recipes truly capable of bringing out the full properties of this vegetable. Elsewhere “they are boiled before being fried (…) others enveloped in batter“. There are many ways of preparing the artichoke, recipes handed down through the ages, that are certainly much more complex than that indicated by the famous food critic.

Besides cleaning and trimming them, a few steps are necessary in order to get crisp fried artichokes. To bring out the best of the artichoke properties, plunge in cold water, pat dry, coat first in flour and then in beaten egg. Now they are ready to be fried in hot oil, and in a short time, can be served at the table. A great and tasty alternative to artichokes alla romana or the equally delicious giudia.

There are a number of regional variations on this recipe for fried artichokes. Some, in Sicily, call for the artichoke to be stuffed with anchovy risotto, while it is said that the royal chef of the House of Savoy impressed the founder of Futurism with a dish named after him, sauce “Marinetti style”, in which fried artichokes garnished a uniquely flavoured plate of pasta.

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