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Fresh with Staying Power

Microfiltered milk has characteristics at the microbiological level that allows for a longer shelf life. In other words, it is like fresh milk, but instead of spoiling after a few days it can be kept over a period of some weeks. This “miracle” is due to microfiltration through ceramic membranes that are woven so tight that they are physically able to separate microbes from milk.

The fact that this is a physical procedure that does not alter the temperature of the product means that microfiltered milk maintains both the flavour and nutritional qualities that are in line with those of fresh milk.

The result of microfiltering is a liquid that has significantly lower microbe level. Pathogen levels can be further reduced thanks to HTST pasteurization, allowing for the inactivation of any microbial residue. All of this can occur without negatively influencing nutrition and organoleptic properties. The process is carried out on only the skimmed portion of the milk with no impact on the nutrients contained in the fat content.


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