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Food waste, Coop relaunches

Coop relaunches against food waste. A few weeks after the new anti-waste Italian law was enforced, Italy’s prime great distribution banner focuses on recuperating food surplus, dedicating itself thereto for over 20 years, broadening the type of products donated and plateau of receivers.

Since 2003 (year approving the 155/03 Good Samaritan law) Coop has launched warehouse reorganisation and set up a collaboration network with 800 associations committed to volunteering. The result is the national “Good End” project, leading to reuse of resources to benefit people in difficulty, transforming into about 6 million meals for needy in 2015, fruit of over 5,000 tonnes’ food donated, for a value of about 24 million Euro.

Food donated includes fresh products (fruit, vegetables, dairy produce, meat) left unsold at the end of the day, packed food, like pasta, biscuits, preserves, homogenised products approaching expiry and those with secondary wrapping damaged. Precious “rejects” becoming a meal to serve in solidarity canteens or food packs to distribute to families in difficulty.

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