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San Benedetto Has the Solution

Recycle, reuse, compensate. The PET bottles of San Benedetto mineral water are at the centre of the leading Italian non-alcoholic beverage group’s path to sustainability. Since March 2013, in agreement with all the players along the production chain, the company has launched a campaign to install compactors at large-scale distribution sales outlets as a part of the “New Life for PET” project to encourage consumers to recycle the bottles they use, and reward them with savings through coupons.
The collected material is transported to recycling companies, where it is in turn used for producing new bottles. Recycled PET, or RPET, allows for reducing the need for raw materials, is already used by San Benedetto for one, 1.5 a 2 litre bottles.
Completing the framework of the EcoGreen initiative, San Benedetto water is the first to hold the business quality certification issued by Italy’s Ministry for the Environment, and uses a new generation of PET bottles with 100% of CO2 emissions compensated for through the purchase of VER credits to finance environmental projects aimed at safeguarding the climate.

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