palm oil free

Palm oil free, a success for the industry

Palm oil free is a voluntary declaration by which aliment manufacturers boast the absence of poor quality tropical fat among the ingredients. Admittedly harmful to health and the environment, the ingredient is widely used in packaged food, especially in baked goods. But not by all.

With the slogan “palm oil free” in May 2016, about 700 references were reformulated in the recipe. Cookies, snacks, sliced bread, cakes, frozen meals. A variety that continues to grow, recording a change of no return. Following the alarm spread by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Coop – the main Italian flagship of large distribution – has decided to eliminate the unhealthy oil from its 220 privately labeled edibles, that follow the fate already established by retailers for organic eatables and aliments dedicated to early childhood.

After all, producers are oriented by consumer choices, or rather by consumers dictating the market, made aware through courageous information campaigns and petitions, such as the one created by GIFT – Great Italian Food Trade, strictly without palm oil, since in Italian culture fats are typically extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), sunflower and rapeseed oils, or butter. Ban toxic oil.

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