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New Reform for Agriculture

At the Cultivating the Future: New Common Agricultural Policy for Italy forum, a discussion was held on a modification to the proposal put forward by the European Commission which fixes the objective of making reform of the agricultural sector less bureaucratic, more flexible, and closer to Europe’s farmers.
The forum’s chairman, Paolo De Castro, pointed out that investing in the sector “is crucial, not only to defeat hunger and poverty, but to face the new challenge of food scarcity.” He went on to explain that a new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) does not require solely intensifying investments, including the private sector, in rural infrastructure and education in the world’s poorest areas, but also a return to financing research in the richest. Currently, China and Brazil are global leaders in this endeavor. These countries have made enormous progress towards their emancipation, and are being looked to with increasing attention from Europe.
“There must also be support,” continued Italy’s representative at the European Parliament, “for the efforts that FAO is engaged in to improve governance. This is a primary action, even when discussing CAP, in order to distinguish investment for growth and that aimed at plundering natural resources.”

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