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Italian food waste law

Food waste, new Italian law

Transform food waste into solidarity. This is the spirit of the Italian law 166/16, enforced since 16 September 2016, to simplify donating surplus and eliminate regulation and bureaucracy limitations.

Innovations introduced by the anti food waste law include the possibility of donating food over the Tmc (‘Best before’ date) and non food types (clothes, personal hygiene products etc.), including all volunteer associations, even kennels and cat homes (no longer just non profit) in the plateau of recipients and eliminating most duty to report transfer as tax: no duty, unlike French law, with fines to incarceration, but incentives and bonuses.

The struggle against food waste was already launched by the Good Samaritan Law (155/03) and consents recuperating 500,000 tonnes of food a year. This still leaves a 5.6 million tonnes surplus, awaiting development.

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