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Greener Italian agriculture

Italian agriculture, ever greener

Italian agriculture, the greenest in Europe. This is pointed out by the GreenItaly 2016 report, made by Fondazione Symbola e Unioncamere, in collaboration with Conai, Environment and Coldiretti Minister. Italy boasts record bio numbers, with nearly 50,000 biological farm firms, and a intransingent stance against GMO cultivations, safeguarding the great biodiversity Heritage.

The Belpaese is actually the natural habitat of 7,636 vegetable species and 55,600 animals (30% of Europe’s). It has 504 varieties of vines (278 French) and even 533 olives (70 Spanish). The ranches saved from extinction 130 breeds, 38 sheep, 24 cattle, 22 goats, 19 horses, 10 pigs and as many poultry, and 7 asses.

If Italian agriculture is the greenest, the excellence of its production is beyond doubt. The only country in the world with 4,965 traditional food products (made according to rules protracted for at least 25 years), 285 Dop/Igp specialities, 415 Doc/Docg wines, with outstanding food safety too. According to the the GreenItaly report, it enjoys the lowest number of farm samples with irregular chemical residue (0.4%): nearly 4 times less than the EU average (1.4%) and 14 of outside-EU (5,7%).

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