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Coop supportive products to help Alzheimer research

Coop, supportive brand products. Italy’s first great distribution banner pumps 2 million Euro into researching Alzheimer and other forms of dementia, paying for 25 3-year projects and supporting the new born scientific Association AIRAIzh, committed to studying the neurodegenerative pathology with 100 thousand Euro a year.
The initiative involves Coop’s consumers and over 8 and a half million partners, linking 10 “supportive” brand products to raising funds for Alzheimer research in the over 1,100 outlets. A few cents for each product, destinated to turn into a conspicuous contribution. The selected references are all in line with the project aim: fruit (apricot, grape, apple), fish, organic olive oil, water, so elements essential for healthy eating.
The relation between dementia and diet is actually one of the proofs described in the literature as modifiable risk factors, able to reduce new case emergence by 30%. The “Don’t forget yourself” initiative follows those on the contrast of food waste and fighting exploitation of workers, usually immigrants, in agriculture.

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