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Asdomar Sustainability Report

Asdomar has presented its first sustainability report to record its impeccable credentials. The strategy of Asdomar canned tuna, which boasts 100% Italian processing, revolves around the words Quality and Respect, to which can be added the three pillars of employment, CSR and sustainable fishing.

The compendium, which refers to 2012, includes the social, environmental and economic impact of Asdomar across its entire production chain, from the choice of raw materials to final consumption by consumers. It is an exemplary model endorsed by the Friend of the Sea and SA800 certifications. The document is available whole, or in part on the Asdomar corporate website.

Regarding the report, Vito Gulli, chairman and CEO of the parent company Generale Conserve, stated that “we think that sustainability must be considered a continuation of the life of a business, like all of the other elements at its core, such as the virtue of the ingredients and consumer buying power.”

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