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Food Served in Restaurants

Japan is asking for more information on the origins of the products it imports. The requirements are added to the already rigid set of guarantees that go along with exports to the country, and is also the subject of a scandal that is now moving Japanese public opinion according to the Japan Times.

In October 2013, it emerged that a number of restaurants in Japan, even high end ones, served meals composed of foods different from those declared on menus including frozen instead of fresh fish, produce of dubious origin, and ingredients of inferior quality than mentioned. The spread of the news caused indignation among consumers and strong demand for more thorough controls.

While the Japanese government evaluates whether to extend an indication of origin to food served in restaurants, companies are asking foreign suppliers to certify the origin of products, as well as traceability. These elements are already a given for the Italian producers on GIFT, operating in complete respect of European and international standards on food safety, quality and authenticity.


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