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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Puglia

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Puglia, Surprising Qualities

Extra virgin olive oil from Puglia encompasses products originating in the southern region that makes up the “heel” of the Italian boot-shaped peninsula. Olive oil in Puglia is abundant, roughly one-third of national production. It is known for its quality, and is used to “cut” those form other regions due to its abundance.

These oils boast origins in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, dotted with small villages and vast orchards, a limpid sea and a generous climate. Each product leaves an unforgettable flavor and provides astonishing variety in line with the diverse characteristics of the territory, and methods implemented by producers. Always fruity, they can be sweet and harmonious, or decisive and intense, with spicy and bitter notes that leave a pinch on the palate.

Delighting your food with these different flavors is the essence of tasting extra virgin. The area has earned the DOP protected designation of origin mark for: Collina di Brindisi, Terra d’Otranto and di Bari, Dauno, which includes four extra virgin categories (Gargano, Subappennino, as well as Alto and Basso Tavoliere). Eaten on a slice of homemade bread, or as a dressing for fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, it is easy to see the reasons for its worldwide fame.



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