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Expo 2015, Campbell’s case. Italian fakes ‘Made in USA’, the tomato sauces branded ‘Prego’

One of our readers visiting Expo 2015 Milan suggested an infamous case of fake Italian food products in the United States and marketed with an ‘Italian sounding label ‘ Prego ‘. Let’s look more closely.

The international brand ‘Prego’ (lit. ‘You’re welcome’) coincides with an Italian expression of courtesy, in response to the word ‘Grazie’ (lit. ‘Thanks’). The American group ‘Campbell International’- also known as’ Campbell’s’, and made famous in particular thanks to Andy Warhol’s iconic ‘pop-art work – manufactures and sells worldwide with this ‘brand’ gravies, sauces and other food, as well.

Some unpleasant incidents have involved ‘Campbell’s’ in recent years. An international security crisis of some of its products, contaminated with high levels of Bisphenol A (1), a mobilization against excessive sodium levels in its soups (2), and the contribution to financing a campaign against the popular initiative aimed at informing consumers about the presence of GMOs in food (3).

But no one has so far been concerned about the serious deceptive advertising on ‘Prego’ products, that ‘Campbell’s’ promotes as ‘Italian tomato sauce’ or ‘ Florentine spinach ‘, when there is nothing of Italian apart from the name. It is a classic case of ‘Italian sounding’, here enhanced by the use of various local names, such as ‘Alfredo’ and ‘Marinara’. A colossal fraud to the detriment of the world’s consumers, who believe to be buying authentic Italian products, and who also spend a little more because of that promise which instead in reality has been fully betrayed.

How to distinguish the true ‘Made in Italy’ with respect to its false imitations? One should always check on the label the principal office of the main production (http://www.greatitalianfoodtrade.com/food-labelling/clear-labels), which must be specifically in Italy. Because only products that are truly made in Italy express the Labour Value of Italy, the integration of its supply chain from farm to fork, stringent controls on pesticide residues in agricultural commodities (4) and product safety. The quality and compliance, of the environment and workers.

(Dario Dongo)



(1) BPA, a substance believed to have effects of endocrine disruption and carcinogenicity.


(2) The World Health Organization recommends limiting to 5g / day our sodium intake, the excess of which is directly related to the outcome of heart attacks, cardiovascular diseases and other pathologies

(3) http://www.kcet.org/news/ballotbrief/elections2012/propositions/prop-37-funding-genetically-engineered-food.html, 


(4) As evidenced every year in the EFSA reports (‘European Food Safety Authority’), Italian food products are those with the lowest levels of pesticide residues throughout Europe

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