Zuegg Continues to Innovate


Zuegg, the multinational based in Verona, has launched an organic preserves product line. Still in its test phase and for the moment only available in some large supermarket chains, these new preserves will come in five fruits: strawberry, mixed berry, apricot, blackberry and peach. Founded in 1890 in Alto Adige, Zuegg immediately began to acquire an international edge thanks to an export network reaching as far as St. Petersburg. Having always expressed a commitment to quality, with the launch of the first preserves free from artificial colours and preservatives (Fruttaviva) in 1961, the Zuegg, specialised in fruit juice, jams and fruit-based snacks, is still affirming itself as not just Italian, but European. With direct purchase and B2B channels, production is carried out at different facilities in Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Russia.