Yogurt to drink

Yogurt to drink

Yogurt to drink, healthy pleasure

Yogurt to drink is now a popular drink in Italy. Few calories and precious nutrients make it ideal for a snack between meals. Its characteristic consistency is obtained with the ‘broken clot’ technique and is well suited to adding probiotics, the milk enzymes from its numerous beneficial properties.

In Italian firm premises, milk is filtered and skimmed and then undergoes homogenisation and pasteurisation (at 85 °C for 20 seconds). As soon as the temperature falls around 43 °C, lattobacilli are added for fermentation. This is followed by mechanical breakage of the clotted powder, which is again homogenised and finely sieved to reach the fluidity desired.

Easy to consume outside too, with possible complications when a spoon is used, liquid yogurt is nice and light. It maintains all the nutritional features of cream yogurt and can be perfectly integrated with a continental breakfast, next to fruit and biscuits, typical in Belpaese’s best tradition.

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