Yogurt Diet

Yogurt Diet

Yogurt, low-calorie, healthy diet

A yogurt in a daily diet supplies few calories and diverse important nutrients. This is why  nutritionists promote yogurt consumption. Whole yogurt in 100 g brings 66 kcal, around 4 g of fats and the same in carbohydrates. Its most precious element, alone worth suggesting inserting yogurt in a diet, is calcium: 125 mg very easily absorbed by the organism, even superior to the case of milk.

Yogurt’s nutritional profile also highlights the addition of proteins (3.9%), potassium, (170 mg), phosphorus (105 g) and vitamins A, B2 and E. If you want to check sugar entrance, you must pay attention to products that are tasty but with added saccharin  and sweetened fruit puree. Easy on the palate, but risking boosting the calorie level out of proportion.

Yogurt and a balanced, low calorie diet are not mutually exclusive. In this case it’s a good idea to head for versions with lower fat content. Partially skimmed  yogurt may contain up to 1.8% in lipids. The ‘lean’ version, where lipid fraction is by legal definition always below one per cent, is more drastic.

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