yogurt calories

yogurt calories

Yogurt, calories at the minimum and beneficial properties at the top

Standard yogurt gives 66 calories every 100 grams and many beneficial properties. Precious ally for healthy eating, yogurt is also suited for hypocaloric diets. Just choose ‘light’ versions. Energy clout is notably lower, but the nutritional profile making yogurt useful food for any age remains unchanged.
With regard to rigorous provisional norms, Italian producers suggest yogurt with almost halved calories. In the partially skimmed version, with under 1.8% of fats, there are 43 kcal per 100 g; in the slim one (not over one per cent lipids) around 36. Observations unchanging the precious nutritional properties that characterise yogurt.

Overall far higher calories are found, though, in the flavoured variants. Fruit, coffee, cereals, malt, royal jelly and other ingredients inserted into the tastier products are usually combined with sugars (sucrose, fructose). To avoid them, just add honey or fresh fruit to the traditional yogurt. Calories under control and maximum level pleasure. Just what Italian food style ordered.


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