White Yogurt

White Yogurt

White Yogurt, goodness in few calories

White yogurt is traditionally more natural, with reduced calorie quantity. But tasty, creamy formulae look the same. Italian producers created such nice versions of yogurt they could be a dessert – and while basically remaining healthy, nutritious food, they supply calorie content above expectations.

For example, in the case of yogurt cream, the round consistency is due to adding cream, which together with taste provides more calories. 66 kcal of the 100 g of ‘internal’, i.e standard, prouct may increase by even a third, to around 95. Such doses are not harmful, obviously, if you are not obliged to follow a hypocaloric diet.

Italian white yogurt exists in all variants, including light, partially skimmed or lean, creamy or for drinking, biological, with probiotics, with or without added sugar and flavouring. A very wide range, fit for any need or preference, always with the Made in Italy excellence banner.

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