Organic Italian Yogurt

Organic Italian Yogurt

Organic Italian yogurt, all round goodness

Organic yogurt concentrates maximum quality of yogurt Made in Italy. Traditional care in preparation here marries ingredients selected also for animal wellbeing and environmental safeguarding. Organic philosophy permeates the entire productive process.

Milk used in biological yogurt preparation is also from organic farms, where animals are reared according to criteria very similar to the natural state. Possibility of pasture, wide spaces, outside (6 sq m per head) and inside (4.5 mq), controlled feed and care with homeopathic and probiotic remedies, except for recourse to synthesis medicine only in case of real necessity, to assure a product of the highest standard.

As well as its main ingredient’s organic nature, bio yogurt is characterised by lack of artificial sweeteners, flavours and colouring. A simple recipe to award the food’s already prestigious nutritional profile. Essential main player in a healthy, tasty diet, where enzymes supply the right calcium dose.

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