Lactose-free yogurt

Lactose-free yogurt

Lactose-free yogurt in all tastes

Tasting a yogurt without lactose is a pleasure without equals if you suffer from manifest intolerance to this milk sugar, made up of glucose and galactose. Generally, yogurt is well tolerated even without being noticed. The reason is, as well as being present in lower concentration (3.2% as opposed to 4.8% in vaccine milk), lactose turns out to be ‘predigested’ thanks to milk enzyme activity. But if you prefer not to swallow, there is a wide range of dedicated Italian products, permitting consumption of this prize food without irritation.

Industrial techniques to produce lactose free yogurt consist of splitting the link between the two sugars that make it up: a solutionconsenting even intolerant people to digest perfectly;  otherwise, they manifest temporary but irritating symptoms (swelling, diarrhea), because an enzyme (lactase o beta galattosidasis) functions less or not at all.

Similarly to traditional yogurt, lactose free versions are proposed naturally or with flavouring ingredients, mainly fruit. And constitute a valuable ally for healthy, tasty nutrition.

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