Honey vinegar

Honey vinegar

Honey vinegar, a treasure of minimal calories

Apple or honey vinegar? The one obtained through honey is an ancient food rich in properties, low in calories (21 kcal per 100 g) and natural, built according to a biological method of millenary tradition.

The words on an Egyptian vase of about 8000 years ago testifies to how this product was already known in the past where, however, its production experienced a sharp drop because it was convenient to obtain vinegar form grapes.

It has a golden color, with a slightly sour taste and an intense aroma. It is processed following the traditional and organic process, the beginning of which is the slow fermentation of organic honey in water. The formation of acetic acid bacteria (acetobacter) makes the ethanol oxidation possible and the making of this high-quality honey vinegar.

As it’s pasteurized, it keeps each bacterium and enzyme alive, also useful to facilitate digestion. This honey vinegar, due to its very few calories, possesses excellent qualities: it is purifying, mineralizing, it activates the metabolism and strengthens the intestinal immune system.

Honey vinegar is ideal for dressing salads, mixed fruits, rice and roasts, but even diluted to create a refreshing drink (that the Romans called “posca“).

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