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Italian artichokes

Italian artichokes, Mediterranean properties

The producers of Italian artichokes to date they sit on the top step of the podium, although the world surface destined for the cultivation of artichokes (thanks to its properties) has gradually increased over the years. In the Belpaese artichokes and related recipes are considered cultural heritage, just think of the famous Roman-style artichokes or Arcimboldo's paintings ("Summer"and "Vertumnus").

According to FAO data, in 2005 the delicious Italian artichokes represented more than 30% of global production, followed by their Spanish cousins. Many varieties are grown on the peninsula, the most famous are: Romanesco, Campagnano, Sardinian spiny, Tuscan violet and Catania.

It is no mystery that artichokes and Italians have always been in excellent harmony, given that the ancient Etruscans already cultivated them and that the Romans enhanced their properties by elaborating recipes with honey and vinegar. In the province of the capital, recipes such as "Roman style " and, equally well known, "to the Giudia".

The merit of this link between the vegetable and the Italian people is probably to be found in the different possible uses and contained properties. In fact, despite being low in calories, they boast large quantities of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium.

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