Pinzimonio, A Refreshing Recipe

Pinzimonio is a typical starter that is both healthy and tasty. It is easy to prepare, requiring raw Italian vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, with the high quality greens cut into sticks. These few simple ingredients are the foundation of the Pinzimonio recipe – the last three are whipped into a dip, with the cleaned produce ready for eating.

Another name for Pinzimonio, maybe the original one, is cazzimperio, deriving from the supposed aphrodisiac attributes associated by tradition to this light antipasto, ideal for consuming all the benefits of fresh Italian vegetables, and introducing the main dishes of the meal. In short, Penzimonio is fun, and good for you.

Pinzimonio is a hit all year round with seasonal vegetables, and is a great way to enjoy them naturally. The sweet notes of fennel mingle with pungent celery, exalting the crispiness of cucumbers and carrots. Spring onions, artichokes and bell peppers add depth to Pinzimonio, making it more like a complete dish, not just on the side. Radishes grant intensity. Lemon juice and vinegar are also sometimes added. Eat Pinzimonio to your health – a cinch, but not on flavor!

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