italian garlic

italian garlic

Italian Garlic for Authentic Recipes

A clove of Italian garlic, thanks to its incredible sensory characteristics, more than any Italian vegetables, wields the power to make Italy’s culinary landscape savory. This is because the bulbs of the plant are an essential ingredient for many of the most famous garlic recipes in the country, even if employed in small quantities.

Without Italian garlic, a multitude of recipes would lose fundamental taste and aroma components. Genovese Pesto, a condiment made with garlic and basil, or toasted bruschette, just wouldn’t be the same. Not to mention the ones that take on their reason for existence, like spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino (with oil and pepper flakes). Simple, yet uniquely flavorful.

Garlic has been known to civilization for thousands of years. It carries anti-bacterial properties, and is used in herbal medicine against cholesterol, bronchial infections, and as an aid to digestion. Italian garlic offers a number of admired varieties, some of which have obtained DOP status with other Italian vegetables, such as those from Voghiera and Polesano, Sulmona in Abruzzo and Nubia in Sicily, as well as Vessalico and Molino dei Torti, all important Italian production areas.

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