Flavour which Endures

Prolonging the flavour of Italian products is an art which culinary tradition in Italy has brought to its maximum level. The high-quality characteristics of Italian vegetable preserves are the result of a combination of elements and processes which start as the product leaves the field, arriving fresh to consumer tables.

It all starts with the freshness of the raw fruit and vegetables (tomato, sweet-corn), the choice of the varieties and the best cultivation areas, techniques and times. Italian tradition has found the right balance in order to maintain the products original flavour over time, together with other nutritional factors including the vitamins and mineral salts which give us pleasure and wellbeing when eaten.

Vegetable preserves are the basis for many important Italian recipes. What would pasta be without tomato sauce, or appetisers without olives or truffle sauces? How can fresh bread be better appreciated than with a layer of squash or cannellini beans?