Vegetables, Recipes to Live By

Without vegetables, the dinner table would be so gray. Numerous different types of vegetables color each dish in homes in Italy, with aromas that enthrall the senses, including the palate the eyes and nose. There are an equally large number of vegetable recipes, main dishes and sides for meat or fish, that exploit the great abundance of Italian vegetables available throughout the year.

The peninsula, thanks to its geographic position and topography, produces a staggering array of types of vegetables, able to describe individual regions through traditional recipes in every corner of the mountains or seaside, spanning the length of Sicily to Piemonte. Territories have their own seasonal flavors for recipes such as delicious pie-like sformati, smooth purees, sauces and sometimes even sweets. The Italian countryside is home to vast cultivation areas, much of which is dedicated to organic farming.

Nutrition in vegetables includes high levels of vitamins and fiber, but also the strong presence of anti-oxidants that protect the body from aging and some diseases.  Eating them fresh and in season daily means more calcium, iron and lower calorie intake, keeping us fit and nourished.

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