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Pasta and chickpeas

Pasta and chickpeas recipes

Pasta and chickpeas, recipes better for their ability to fully feed the needs of our organism do not exist. Chickpeas are rich in carbohydrates, proteins and, despite being a common and therefore cheap legume, contain a high concentration of omega 3, folate (excellent for lowering homocysteine ​​and counteracting the risk of heart attack) and finally vitamins. Cooking chickpeas, in fact, means passing from the very important soaking phase, when they lose the few harmful substances developing vitamins C and B. Together with pasta they are excellent for decreasing the values ​​of "bad cholesterol" and the possibility of developing hypertension.

The chickpea is mainly consumed in the southern regions together with pasta, however a long tradition is also historical in Liguria, where flour and panissa are still cooked with the flour obtained from the dried seeds, delicious dishes with an authentic flavor. Accompanied with pasta, they are cooked "Roman style","mozzarella-anchovy" is "to Tuscany“, Classic pasta recipes, ideal for autumn evenings.

To accompany this pasta it is possible to use pancetta and tomato, it is very important to choose varieties of typical legumes, such as that of Merella, of Murgia Carsica or the red one of Gravina di Puglia.

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