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Pasta and beans poor recipes to cook

A bowl of pasta and beans is capable of guaranteeing the total daily requirement of nutritional principles, whichever of the regional recipes (or beans) is chosen. For this reason, the Mediterranean peoples have always cultivated the habit of cooking beans, each with their own recipes, especially in the regions of central and northern Italy, together with pasta.

If Tuscany considers itself to be the homeland of this peculiar soup, different recipes are applied throughout the peninsula. Naples and the Campania region are the only ones to cook the dish with a different cooking method, letting pasta and legumes cook together, in order not to lose the starches released by the pasta, obtaining a thicker sauce.

The nutritional properties of the bean, rich in vitamins, proteins (assimilable here in the same way as in the meat) and fibers, is combined with a short pasta, thus managing to give the body also the contribution of both iron and essential amino acids, present in cereals.

This unique dish, as well as pasta and chickpeas, represents with some traditional recipes one of the most ancient dishes in poor cuisine and because of this in the tradition of all Mediterranean nations.

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