Truffle Recipes

Truffle Recipes

Truffle Recipes in Black and White

Truffle recipes go from simple, to complex, and finally arrive at unfathomable. The amazing sensory qualities of this delicacy in black truffle recipes is only topped by those found in the white truffle, and once you’ve tried one, it is difficult to imagine life without the other.

Take the simplest recipe in the Italian repertoire: Uovo al tegamino con scaglie di tartufo, or fried egg with shaved truffle. No artist’s palate could be simpler, but something divine is achieved. Some maintain that even a fork dillutes flavor and prefer to eat with fresh baked bread.

The list of first courses, or primi piatti, is long, including both pasta, tagliolini for example, or rice, risotti. For pastas, do not cook the truffle, it can be grated into oil or butter on very low heat, or added raw. The same thing goes for risotto – thin shavings are applied after cooking. It is usually used with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Beef, veal, duck and scampi recipes are equally enriched by the truffle. Remember that white truffles, and their black counterparts have different characteristics and prices. Make sure to clean the truffle with a brush, and to use the right utensils. There is a widely available slicer that allows for gourmet presentations no matter your level of chef mastery!

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