Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil, Look for Italian Quality

Does authentic truffle oil really exist? There are two types on the market, and it is very important to understand the difference. Italian truffle oil comes in two classifications, one with aromatic infused flavoring, and another that is 100% natural.

The name black or white truffle oil, for example, may not always be exactly what it claims to be, as most are not produced using truffles at all, but an artificial reproduction of the organic compound 2,4-dithiapentane, which is responsible for the unique aroma and taste of these jewels of the earth.

Departing from this supposition it is easy to see why these products cost so little compared to the items they seek to imitate. Despite criticism, these oils can add a nice touch of flavor to a variety of foods, though connoisseurs say that it only offers one of the many dimensions of the real thing.

Top Italian productions, however, are made the old-fashioned way. Selecting choice ingredients at the right stage of maturation (timing is key with this delicacy) and put into a delicate extra virgin olive oil for infusion of up to six months. This process takes advantage of the 30 some compounds that impart the white truffle with its essence.

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